Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lupulu is grindz!

About 2 nights ago I made a Tongan dish called Lupulu. My wife was craving it a few days before but we both didn't know how to make it. Lupulu is basically steamed cornbeef with taro leaves, some onions, and coconut milk. So I found out from some friends that all you need is tinfoil, baby taro leaves, New Zealand made corned beef (Palm brand), onions, and coconut milk. You just put it together and put lots of coconut milk, wrap it all up with the tinfoil and put it in the oven for like 3 hours. Maybe I'll do the recipe thing later.
Anyways, it was really good. I had the approval from my wife. I really knew she liked it because she ate more than me! We both are born and raised in Hawaii. She grew up in Laie, lots of Samoans live there. Okay all kind of Polynesians live there. The Polynesian Cultural Center is right there in Laie. I grew up on Maui in Kihei, lots of Filipinos and Tongans. So my wife and I grew up eating all kinds of Polynesian food. I love Tongan food. I am not Tongan but Hawaiian, Chinese, and Japanese. In any of the Polynesian cultures you always share your food. Its the proper thing to do. If you have a sandwich and you are in the company of friends and they don't have any food, you would offer to everyone there if they would like some. Its just being courteous. So yes, I have Tongan friends and I was fed lots of Tongan food! Its an honor if the Tongan people make a dish just for you! Or have a feast just for you! It happened to me more than once. Well to me it is a great honor, kind of feels special. In Hawaii, we don't eat till we're full, we eat till we sleep!


wsanchez said...

Man! My mouth was watering reading this one. Now I'm totally craving lupulu!!!! Aaaah, thanks bro.! Hee-hee.

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend is Tongan and she makes lupulu. It is so ono, I always look forward to her parties because I know she's going to make it. I did find a recipe for it on the advertiser website,so I'm going to try it out for myself. Thanks for sharing.

oh just ehu. said...

Malo e lele! I found your blog while googling "Lupulu". I just had some today and oh, it was so ono! The next time you ever make some Lupulu or Lupuaka, try using a steamer--it doesn't dry it out as much as an oven. And throwing in some chopped white onions adds a lovely lil flavor to it as well. Happy Thanksgiving!

Bright Eyes said...

I was looking for a lupulu recipe myself when I ran across your blog. We adapted a haole version suing spinach. Taro is a bit hard to find in Utah. I jsut throw it all together (I guess everyone does) but need a recipe for my daughters class.

We lived in Makawao, Maui for a while them moved back to the mainland. We brought with us Loco moco and Lupulu. Now my 9yr old LOVES lupulu!

'iolani maui no ka 'oi said...

Aloha Braddah,
Mahalo nui for sharing, it's April 19, 2014, six yrs later after you posted your information back in 2008 lol it's the day before Easter, and I'm from Wai'ehu, Maui, and I love how you shared your story about living in the islands and how we all share our food when others don't have, and how we love to eat other cultures food, that's one thing I must say growing up in the islands, having respect for all culture. I'm also Hawaiian-Chinese, and I'm the main cook in my family when we have gathering for the holidays, and you know, growing up in a Hawaiian families we never ever cook small it's always using Big Pots lol, and Lupulu is one of my favorite Polynesian food, so instead of making Laulau tomorrow, I'm making Lupulu instead, broke the mouth lol wish you were here to come and join us? lol Once again, mahalo nui for sharing and have a blessed Easter Sunday, God Bless! 'iolani / Maui No Ka 'Oi